• Image of AUTOMATIK-BASS (man tank top)

Wear the music on you !!!
AUTOMATIK-BASS (man tank top)
Sporty tank top with low-cut shoulders that show off flexed arms quite nicely. Suited for work out and sunny days alike.
Racer back with centred straps that leave the shoulders bare.
Softly flowing fabrics: 115 g/m²
Material: 100% cotton (except for heather grey: 85% cotton, 15% rayon, and heather white: 99% cotton and 1% rayon)
S = 18.7 in or 27.17 cm
M = 19.29 in or 28.35 cm
L = 20.28 in or 28.35 cm
XL = 21.65 in or 29.92 cm